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View Notes – fsoln from EECS at University of California, Berkeley. f; University of California, Berkeley; EECS – Spring With insanely simple controls and powerful autonomous flight capabilities, 3DR’s Solo makes capturing awesome cinematic shots easier than. IEEE Conf. on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, CVPR03, pp. Rosin and West, [doi>/_4]. Rusi$#;ol and Llad$# ;s, Sparse solutions using hash storage. IEEE Trans.

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The telephone contacts between the traders and Mr. The vast majority of these combatants were repatriated to Rwanda, but there have also been several cases of repatriations to Burundi and Uganda. Scores of villages have been raided and pillaged, thousands of houses have been burnt and several hundred thousand people have been displaced in order to escape from violence generated by military operations.

Kumar in Dubai between May and August Mbusa, who is partly based in Kampala, claims to have since withdrawn her interest from Glory Minerals. The Group obtained telephone logs for Mr. The th brigade is an almost exclusively Banyamulenge brigade under the direct command of the tenth military region, and considers General Masunzu as its leader. In particular, the Group notes that it was unable to obtain any relevant information from the French authorities regarding Mr.

These flights, the last of which took place on 28 Aprilwere mainly listed as local flights within Goma but several aviation sources note that the genuine destination was hidden from the Rgie des voies ariennes.

Shakarchi had repeatedly assured the Group he would provide. While working with MONUC on the above cases, the Group developed a model database for the identification of weapons seized by MONUC, including pictures of all the relevant markings necessary for subsequent tracing exercises. Mutoka only to discuss personal matters. At the time of writing, all such requests remained outstanding.


The Group solm received a text message within a matter of minutes from a telephone eoln that the Group had already confirmed as belonging to Mr.

The Group has established that Mr. The FARDC witnesses also testified to the T2 that there had been several diversions of military equipment in the three months prior to this specific incident, and that Yves Mukulikire was involved in at least two of them.

Mutoka informed the Group that since his primary client in Dubai, Kaloti Jewelry, ceased buying from him inhe declares his gold to customs in Burundi after which it is broken up into smaller packages and carried to Dubai by a number of his agents and declared at customs before being sold anywhere in the gold souk. In addition to France, the Group did not receive cooperation from several other European and 243s2009 American countries, including the United Kingdom solj the United States, concerning its enquiries into telephone numbers in contact with FDLR military satellite telephones.

This report presents two case studies on the involvement of individuals linked to faith-based organizations.

Rwemas meetings there, and he 243s2009 warned to stop facilitating such meetings. The Group visited Dubai where it held official meetings and made all possible efforts to constructively engage with the United Arab Emirates authorities in further identifying some of the gold trading activities as described in the present report.

In particular, the Group continued to focus its research on the activities of the Forces dmocratiques de libration du Rwanda-Forces combattantes abacunguzi FDLR-FOCAas ssoln as the activities of the movements political leadership and diaspora members residing outside of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. General 243s200 November Original: During this welldocumented visit, Mr. Clepad is also a Goma-based comptoir run by Patrick Nkuzi and Clemence Nkuzi, according to government mining authorities.


243ss2009 of FDLR former combatants have also stated to the Group that orders of this nature must be given by General Mudacumura, who in similar circumstances consults first with Mr. For ease of reference, the Group has attached to the present report a diagram annex 52 covering the cross-cutting relationships of the various networks listed above.

UN Report Congo Group Experts – [PDF Document]

Mupepele, the director of the Centre dvaluation, dexpertise et de certification in Kinshasa, who had come personally to his showroom in Antwerp to sell the gold in August The Group documented more than telephone communications between Mr. Ndagundi informed the Group that Mr.

In Kampala, the Group was informed by a gold trader, who correctly identified unmarked photographs of Mr. The Group analysed the process of integration of non-State armed groups into FARDC as part of the Groups mandate to monitor the structures and support networks of these groups. The Group obtained video footage showing a prospective trader approaching the gates of Mr.

The increasing rate of FDLR combatant defections and FDLR temporary removal from many of its bases are only a partial success, considering that the armed group has regrouped in a number of locations in soon Kivus, and continues to recruit new fighters. The Group obtained documentation and testimony that a number of senior former CNDP officers specifically loyal to General Ntaganda are involved in the lucrative timber trade.