Urdu Poet Ameer Khusro Shayari امیر خسرو کی شاعری, Read Urdu Poetry of Ameer Khusro, read large collection of Ameer Khusro Ghazals, Nazams and Poems. (Persian: / Urdu ابوالحسن یمین‌الدین خسرو ; Hindi: अबुल हसन यमीनुद्दीन ख़ुसरौ, better known as Amir Khusrow (or Khusrau) Dehlawi. A Sufi mystic and a disciple of Nizamuddin Auliya, Amir Khusro’s portrayal of TAGS: amir khusroa, amir khusro poems, poetry, urdu poetry.

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But generally speaking, the Nirgit used hard consonants. Khusrau, Amir October AD. He ugdu in many verse forms including ghazal, masnavi, qata, rubai, do-baiti and tarkib-band.

The Classical Traditions, Bonnie C. Amir Khusrow teaching his disciples in a miniature from a manuscript of Majlis al-Ushshaq by Husayn Bayqarah.

Urdu Books of Ameer Khusrau | Rekhta

Composers after him could not succeed in doing so, and the tarana became as meaningless as urud ancient Nirgit. Jai Dev Singh gives some examples of these words, but we prefer here to quote Ustad Amir Khan who seems to have been the first person in modern times to have expressed this view: Ala ud-Din Khalji was kgusro pleased with ami work and rewarded him handsomely.

The khamsa emulated that of the earlier poet of Persian epics, Nizami Ganjavi. He thus grew up very close to the culture and traditions of Indian society. Sharia acquires meaning when it maintains a close relation with reality partaking the essence of reality-love of God. In the third chapter he wrote a vivid account of India and its environment, seasons, flora and fauna, cultures, scholars, etc.

It was thus in the house of his Rajput maternal grandfather, Rawat Arz known by his title as Imad-ul-Mulkthat Khusrow was raised. Islamic Culture Board — via Google Books.

This brought his poetry to the attention of the Assembly of the Royal Court where he was honored.


10 Soulful Poems By Amir Khusro, The Poet Who Saw Love In A Spiritual Light

At one time, Persian was a common cultural language of much of the non-Arabic Islamic world. While this subject has been much khusdo, it is the aim of this paper to show briefly amur a revision of the existing history at least in the English language is long overdue. The King of the world Jalal ud-Din, in reward for my infinite pain which I undertook in composing verses, bestowed upon me an unimaginable treasure of wealth.

Khusrow was an intelligent child. One of his first topics is the wide scope of Indo-arabic cultures as represented in various art-forms religion and history. List of sufis Notable early Notable modern Singers. Khusrow urvu primarily in Persian. The syllables Dem, Khusrro, Tale have no particular lexical meaning. On the one hand Sultan Aalauddin, for the sake of righteousness and expediency of empire, stamped out all kinds of intoxicants, the prohibited things, the wherewithals of disobedience, debauchery and wickedness with the use of chastisement and and on the other side Ameer Khusro opened wide the gate of discipleship and accepted all kinds of men as his murids, be they high or low, wealthy or impecunious, noble or faqir, learned or ignorant, high born or low born, urbane or rustic, soldier or warrior.

Captain Wahid Bakhsh Sayyaal, Publisher: Shuja Man May AD. His contribution to the development of the ghazal, hitherto little used in India, is particularly significant. Translated by Sufi Tabassum. Jawahar-e-Khusrawi Luwali Uma ie. Multan at the time was the gateway to India and was a center of kusro and learning. We begin with S. He not only welcomed the refugees to khuero court but also granted high offices and landed estates to some of them. Hardev, Rajkumar April AD. Mahmud Saba Kashani — He wrote poetry primarily in Persianbut also in Hindavi.


He is considered as the pioneer figure of the Indo-Muslim music. Jalal ud-Din Firuz Khalji appreciated poetry and invited many poets to his court.

The legend may also have a simple explanation based on folk etymology, though it does not explain the association of the name of Khusrau with the instrument. DaulatabadTranslated in Urdu by: Ebn-e-Kamal, Publishing House, Dehli. He was an iconic figure in the cultural history of the Indian subcontinent. A double radiance left my star this year Gone are my brother and my mother, My two full moons have set and ceased to shine In one short week through this ill-luck of mine.

They have no meaning — they are not meant to have any meaning. Khusrow then accompanied him to Multan in It is a composite of Gaud. It is a composite of Hind.

According to an old Persian work6 on Indian music which is supposed to a be a translation of an older work7 written in the time of Rajah Mansingh of Gwaliyarhe invented the following new melodies: The left drum bayan is used to generate deeper sounds, and support the melody which is chiefly carried by the right drum.

The fourth voluminous masnavi was Aina-e-Sikandariwhich narrated the heroic deeds of Alexander the Great in verses.

अमीर खुसरो Amir Khusro ابوالحسن یمین‌الدین خسرو‎

In the case of Indic words appearing in a Persian text, the Persian transliteration conventions have been followed. Inwhen Khusrow was 47 years old, his mother and brother died. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: