IMM B: Upfront Medical Report: Client Biodata and Summary (not available on our website as panel physicians will have these forms in. they will give you a copy of the IMM B Upfront Medical Report form. Fees. You must pay any fees related to the medical exam when you are there. Posts about IMM written by JESSICA YUAN. NOTE: With the implementation of the new IMM B, the Appendix C will no longer be.

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They are given medical instructions and a list of panel physicians. Frontal x-rays are placed after lateral x-rays. The requested laboratory tests have been performed; and The sample for testing was collected from the client identified on the requisition.

All panel members must ensure that they remain familiar with it lmm with departmental instructions, including interim changes and updates provided by CIC. On occasion, the media may become interested in the IME of a particular individual and contact the panel member for information.

Medical exam, this is confusing

The panel member will then notify the locum that he or im, has been authorized to provide services. Physical Examination PDF1. Paper-based Panel Clinics The client must provide four photographs to im panel clinic. It is very important to ensure the correct page goes to the client and the correct page goes to your RMO. It does not apply to panel members who perform Canadian IMEs in other countries. Family members or friends cannot act as an interpreter for a client. Copies should be available for clients on request and all clients should receive a receipt for services; ensure that all panel clinic staff members under their supervision are aware of the 117b and standards for the IME and its procedures; ensure that panel clinic staff understand the role and obligations that pertain to panel members; ensure that individual and clinic contact information is up-to-date.

If the client or clinic staff completes it, the panel physician must review and confirm the information provided.


CIC immigration officials and medical officers consult one another regularly in order to determine the number of panel members required in a given location. The laws of other jurisdictions where the information is collected may also apply. Panel members should inform CIC of the official language and any other language they speak. Grade A indicates that there are no abnormal findings present and no significant abnormal history.

Clients must include this proof when submitting their visa application. Instead, two newly-revised IMM forms have been created:.

This includes continued or repeated deficiencies after notification, in the following: Diabetes PDF Panel members, depending on their field of work, are authorized to perform IMEs, arrange for diagnostics and investigations, and complete immigration medical forms. Once all the required investigations have been completed, the panel physician returns the reports to CIC.

In order to modernize how it conducts its business, CIC is committed to simpler, more accessible services; to continuous, innovative and adaptable operational improvement; and to robust program integrity and delivery of quality service. CIC requires the following information: The panel member should have key information available to assist RMO staff, including the following:.

These instructions cover a number of topics, such as the following: The following list provides definitions for acronyms and technical terms found in this Handbook: They must undergo their IME within 30 days following their claim for refugee status. No comments are permitted for A-grade chest x-rays. Information is outdated or wrong. Visa and immigration officers and border services officers have the authority to issue medical instructions. Female clients, for example, may be uncomfortable with a male examiner, in which case panel members should offer to have a chaperone present during the examination.

Completion of the Client Consent and Declaration form is mandatory for all clients. A live photo of the client is taken and uploaded to eMedical to verify identity throughout the life cycle of the IME.

Testing is also necessary for all clients below the age of 15 who have any of the following risk factors:. I am uploading required documents after getting my ITA but there is a place to upload medical exam, and says it is required I clicked on the question mark next kmm upload button to see more info, I got this message Document: Panel members should inform CIC of the immm language they prefer to use in correspondence.


Panel Members’ Handbook –

Moreover, Canadian citizens, permanent residents and other individuals present in Canada have the immm of access to their own personal information held by government institutions. With the launch of eMedical, the IME will be conducted, where technologically feasible, in a Web-based computer program designed for the electronic recording, transmission, processing and temporary storage of the IME and its associated results.

The panel physician must inform the client accordingly. Under the Privacy Actall individuals have the right to the protection of their personal information held by a federal 10117b.

Panel Members’ Handbook 2013

Kmm may not post new threads. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Instructions for border services officers. Panel members should send written notification to the RMO, including the anticipated date on which activity will cease.

The following table lists additional requirements when the answers to medical history questions show abnormality, whether the IME is completed in eMedical or on paper. Comments should not be included for A-grade IMEs. Urinalysis PDF Panel members may wish to advertise their IME services by creating their own website or distributing printed material, in which case the following instructions apply:.

Refugee claimants are EDE. It may not be used mim other purposes, including research, clinical studies or investigations, without appropriate consent of the client and CIC.

Comments should not be included for A-grade chest x-rays. They should contact their regional medical office for restocking. The IRPA and its accompanying regulations set out the medical requirements that clients must meet in order to come to Canada as temporary or permanent residents.