The Abduction from the Seraglio = Die Entführung aus dem Serail (libretto) . background, performance history, discography, pictures); Lohengrin (libretto. This is an index of libretto pages in the Internet known to me. . e i Montecchi ( Libretti d’Opera); I Capuleti e i Montecchi (Kareol, Italian/Spanish) Das Liebesverbot (Kareol, German/Spanish); Lohengrin (Opera Guide. Lohengrin, WWV 75 (Wagner, Richard) piano (arr); For harp, piano (arr); Scores featuring the harp; For harp (arr). Related Works, Pieces based on ‘ Lohengrin’.

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If I am appointed as your champion will you without fear or trepidation entrust yourself to my protection? He also needs to settle a dispute involving the lohengfin of the child-Duke Gottfried of Brabant. Streiter der Jugend, schreite voran! May he who is innocent fight with the arm of a hero, and may he who is false be sapped of strength! Out Picture shows her when meeting Elsa on her way to the lohwngrin. Elsa of Brabant is free of all guilt! See also Opera Gems.

Lohengrin libretto (English/German) – opera by Richard Wagner

OnStIns 3 flutes 3rd also piccolo3 oboes, 3 clarinets, 3 bassoons 4 horns, 4 trumpets, 3 trumpets C timpani, cymbals, triangle, organ, harp. The armourer knows exactly what arms are required for any production, and as the collection is brought more and more in order and catalogued, a greater degree of historical accuracy is being achieved.


Um ihre Sache steht es schlecht! itaiano

How resplendent, how pure she looks! Iitaliano and her new husband are ushered in with the well-known bridal chorusand they express their love for each other. Ich kenne dich als aller Tugend Preis, jetzt rede, dass der Drangsal Grund ich weiss. Elsa does not answer the King’s inquiries, only lamenting her brother’s fate. Mit freundlicher Genehmigung entnommen aus: Nun lasst mich sehn, ob ich zu Recht sie treffe an.

Welch harte Not tust du uns an! May God be with you! Der hier so hehre Wunder schuf, manch neue Tat vollbringen mag.

FRIEDRICH Let me take from him but the smallest part, the tip of his finger, and I swear to you that what he is keeping from you, you shall clearly see before you, and, faithful to you, he shall never leave your side!

If the king offered me his crown, I should rightfully reject it.

Lohengrin, WWV 75 (Wagner, Richard)

Lohengrin prays italiiano the swan turns back into young Gottfried. I listened as it receded into the distance until my ear could scarce hear it; my eyes closed and I fell into a deep sleep. May the innocent shun him, may peace and sleep flee him!

Lohengrin Brabant Lohengrin slays Count Frederick. You who are lost in sweet sleep, know that disaster awaits you! The troops arrive equipped for war. ELSA How sweet the sound of my name from your lips! ELSA erschrocken, doch leise Hinweg von mir! A boat drawn by a swan appears on the river and in it stands a knight in shining armour.


They press forwards, clearing a broad passage through the retreating nobles, to the minster steps, where they take up their positions. This interpretation reveals Elsa as a rational individual, upgrades the dramatic significance of the act 1 combat scene, and, more librdtto, signals a return to a hermeneutics of Wagnerian drama.

Keep away from the battle ring, for if anyone disrespects the law of peace, if freeman, he shall pay with his hand, if serf, he shall pay with his head! Elsa must never ask him his name or where he has come from. I had longed to witness just one oibretto of happiness by your side!

Antwerp, First half loehngrin the tenth century Act One: The only reward for my sacrifice is your steadfast love! Zwei Edelknaben tragen ihm Schild und Speer. The portal of the Palas opens again, the royal trumpeters emerge, sound the fanfare then go back into the building.