Albert Dorne. David Apatoff. Albert Dorne: Master Illustrator. [SNX] San Francisco: Auad Publishing, 1st. x , , over color and black. With the first few paragraphs of his text in the recently released book, Albert Dorne, Master Illustrator, author David Apatoff beautifully and. Results 1 – 14 of 14 Albert Dorne: Master Illustrator by David Apatoff and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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The artwork is great and this is the first book that compiles Albert Dorne’s work so I think it’s a great buy, it’s just that I would have really liked to see big pictures of his pencils Albert Dorne February 7, – December 15, was an American Illustrator and entrepreneur, and was co-founder of correspondence schools for aspiring artists, photographers, and writers.

Views Read Edit View history. Drawing was the engine that powered his astonishing climb from the depths of poverty and illness As well as examples of his work David Apatoff contributes a short biography of Dorne’s career and his work with the Famous Artists Schools and there are three other text pieces which I thought were mildly interesting.

Archived November 8,at the Wayback Machine. Leave this field blank. It’s a worthy successor to our best-selling Robert Fawcett: I’ve posted a short review and more photos on my site at http: I think there were at least twenty in the long running campaign.

Of course, like any professional artist, Dorne was a skilled draftsman and nicely the book includes a few preliminary sketches for paintings that clearly show how good he was with just a pencil.

Albert Dorne biographyJuke-Box. What more do I need to say? As a small fillip of further testament to Dorne’s place in the illustration firmament, Jack Davis contributes a graphic Foreword.

Albert Dorne – Master Illustrator | LIFE NEEDS ART

InDorne donated his pictorial resource file of overitems to the Westport Public Library. Newer Post Older Post Home. The introduction is by Howard Munce, a dornne great illustrator and teacher who knew Dorne Personally. The Illustrator’s Illustrator, and fans of that book are in for another treat as we present the first book about Dorne, the reknowned artist responsible for the Famous Artists’ School. Illustration Magazine 13 out-of-print.


Thanks for the kind review, Leif. I remember seeing these ads on the back of old comic books when I was a kid. But occasionally they featured some guy with bushy black eyebrows.

Albert Dorne was my wife Cathy’s grandfather. They are based in Asia but ship globally. I received this book last week, and I was also mildly disappointed.

Albert Dorne

Albert Dorne was part of a small group of artists whose work was everywhere in popular consumer magazines back then though he never did a Saturday Evening Post cover either as part of the editorial or art for an ad. After numerous jobs such as managing a newsstand and acting as an office boy, [1] as well as a short professional boxing career, Dorne began working in advertising. Dorne was born in the slums of New York City ‘s East Side, and had a troubled childhood plagued with tuberculosis and heart problems.

He apprenticed as a letterer with then-letterer and future prominent illustrator Saul Tepper before beginning a five-year stint at the commercial art studio of Alexander Rice.

I thought this was a handsome and generous survey of this leading illustrator of the forties and fifties. In he conceived the idea of a correspondence school for art, and recruited eleven other well-known artists and illustrators affiliated with the Society of Illustrators, including Norman Corneto found the Famous Artists School. He could be crass and vulgar, illusgrator he had the refined tastes of a connoisseur. Masterworks from the Golden Age of Illustration, Volume 3.

How to start an art blog Learn how you can build a following and reach more people with an art ullustrator. Dorne consorted with glamorous movie stars and government leaders, amassed a major art collection and was sought after as a lecturer around the country. He was a wealthy capitalist, yet when a labor dispute broke out with his employees he was the one person they illuwtrator to be the fair arbitrator of their grievances.


Your support runs this blog. He was a tough businessman, yet he was exceptionally tender-hearted and generous. Apatoff writes, “Who was in a better position than Al Dorne to testify about what drawing could accomplish? I’m so glad this book is out.

All this in service to the pages of color illustrations, some from originals, on glossy stock. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Albert Dorne.

Each has plenty of examples though I was disappointed that, in the ads pages, there are only three examples of his illustrxtor paintings he did for the Wurlitzer Xlbert in the mid-forties. With the first few paragraphs of his text in the recently released book, Albert Dorne, Master Illustratorauthor David Apatoff beautifully and succinctly sums up why Al Dorne has so profoundly affected me.

This page was last edited on 8 Marchat In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Albert Dorne – Wikipedia

I’m the type of person who’s more interested in seeing the initial stages of a drawing than the final artwork so I have that particular bias with art books. Unfortunately these three are the only examples of Dorne’s beautiful illustrations for a Wurlitzer ad campaign in the late forties. This would really have made the book complete. Gift Mmaster News Privacy Policy. If masterr had told me as a kid that one day I would know all about this guy, have researched his life and written about him and even corresponded with his daughter, I never would have believed you.