With amendments up to and including Alberta Regulation / Current as of text or text that has been amended since the last printing of the OHS Code. OHS enforces compliance with provincial laws through work site inspections, Ask an expert, sign up for OHS updates, search employer records, or access. An improved OHS system to better protect workers and ensure they have the Resources on specific changes to OHS laws will be added as they’re available.

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OHS Act, Regulation and Code |

Some parts of this page will not display. Workers with jobs in certain areas are required by law to have government-approved health and safety training.

We hope that you will join us. OHS acceptances and approvals.

OHS Act, Regulation and Code

Seven interpretive chapters, with updated commentary and legislative references, to help you understand and interpret the law, including: Updated provisions on the right to refuse dangerous work and a prohibition on discriminatory action.

The government must be notified when a serious injury, incident or fatality occurs regu,ations ensure an adequate investigation oh&a conducted to prevent future occurrences. A joint work site health and safety committee is required at work sites with 20 or more workers and where work is expected to last 90 days or more.

Nominations for the award are now closed. Ticketing, orders, administrative penalties and prosecution all remain available under the new act and the list of offences has been extended.


See more law subjects No products selected Buying 0 product. He can be reached at jhulecki fasken.

The employer or prime contractor if applicable must meet with the representative regularly to discuss health and safety matters, or if a special meeting is called by the representative to deal with urgent concerns at the work site Members of the joint work site health and safety committee or the health and safety representative must be paid for time spent on their duties in this roleand must receive training on their duties and functions The duties of the joint work site health and safety committee, or health and safety representative if applicable, will include: Where five to 19 workers are present, the work site must have a designated health and safety representative who has similar powers and duties to a JWSHSC.

Joint work site health and safety committees are important forums for workers to participate in OHS. An updated, two-level appeals process. Are these statments not contradictory to one another?

Occupational health and safety changes

Home Jobs and employment Occupational health and safety. Regulatlons strong health and safety workplace culture is essential to preventing work-related injuries, regulatuons and deaths. See the list of services. OHS investigates serious work site incidents, including fatalities, which fall under provincial legislation.

Establishing the committee and training its members is the responsibility of the prime contractor, or where there is no prime contractor, of all employers and self-employed persons at the work site.

| Canada’s National WHMIS Portal

The new act also includes express obligations for owners, who must ensure that the land, buildings or premises under their control are provided and maintained in a safe condition. He can be reached at or nkeith fasken. On November 27,Bill New employer duty to provide a written report on steps taken to comply with an order. The new OHS laws came into effect on June 1, These changes provide more opportunities for government to acquire and share information to help with prevention efforts for workplace illness and injury.


If you have questions regarding the impact of these changes, or steps you can take to reduce their impact, please do not hesitate to contact a Mathews Dinsdale lawyer in our Alberta office. New requirement for employers with more than 20 workers to establish a joint work site health and safety committee.

Learn the new rules Resources on specific changes to OHS laws will be added as they’re available.

For more information, see First aid training. See the list of services. New provisions to expand the scope of creative sentencing. Approval process for workplace first aid training agency and course is currently being albert. Employers with fewer than 20 workers must involve workers or the health and safety representative, if one is designated in hazard assessment, elimination, and control. Alberta passes new health and safety law Legislation introduces new responsibilities, enhances enforcement.