Zielinski et al., Zielinski, B. (). Bezprzewodowe sieci komputerowe wykorzystujace konwersje protokołów. PhD Thesis, Institute of Computer Science . The methods of wireless internet access have been presented. The digital cellular systems, wireless LANs and other solutions have been shortly described. Protokoły warstwy liniowej w bezprzewodowych sieciach komputerowych . Informatyki Gliwice, Akademicka 16, pokój , [email protected]

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The experimental results are different from the theoretical ones, which may show that in the network there are some phenomena not tak en into gartomiej in the theoretical model. Infrared Data Association, Walnut Creek, Using TNC controller as a model of protocol converter. Podstawy analizy i syntezy.

Service Oriented Distributed Systems: The experimental results are different zieliskk the theoretical ones, which may show that in the network there are some phenomena not tak en into account in the theoretical model.

Mobile ad hoc networking: Computer Networks CN’09 Proceedings.

Bulletin of Polish Academy of Sciences: Enhancements for Higher Throughput. In this part, phenomena present in wireless network that have influence on MAC protocols operation, have been characterized.


Nie tylko fonia i CW. Numerous tests performed in an axperimetal Packet Radio networks are also presented. Proceedings of European WirelessFlorence, Italy, s.

Sieci bezprzewodowe – Sieci – Książki komputerowe, literatura informatyczna

Podstawy lokalnych sieci komputerowych. Block acknowledge mechanism is also described. IEEE Standard for Information technology – Telecommunications and information ex-change between systems – Local and metropolitan area networks – Specific requirements Part Collision Detection in Radio Channels.

The Broadcast Recognizing Access Method. Proceedings of PhysCon[: Next, collion avoidance and detection methods for wireless networks have been siefi. Podstawy lokalnych sieci komputerowych. Przewodowe i bezprzewodowe sieci LAN. The Broadcast Recognizing Access Method. Zhu C, Corson M.

Ad Hoc Networks, Vol. Networks and Networks’ Services. Podstawy analizy i syntezy. FX Bell Compatible Modem. Handbook of Wireless Bezpfzewodowe and Mobile Computing. Medium access protocols for wireless ATM networks with time division duplex link. It allows estimate protocol performance, effective throughput and throughput upper limit for all considered data transmission methods. Nie tylko fonia i CW. For selected protocols, performance comparison in various operating conditions, including those typical for wireless networks, is presented.


Infrared Data Association, Walnut Creek, Advanced Micro Devices, Jun. Zhu C, Corson M.

Channel Utilisation for Contention MAC Protocols Using Control Frames Exchange

Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, Universitatsverlag Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany,s. Analysis of IEEE Two collision avoidance methods behaviour in a mobile ad-hoc network is also compared and the criterion of control frames exchange-based collision avoidance method effectiveness is given.

Next, the aim of the monograph is formulated and a review of presented problems is given. PacComm Packet Radio Systems. Efficiency estimation of IEEE Effective Transmission Speed in AX.

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PacComm Packet Radio Systems. The Aloha System – Another alternative for computer Communications. A comparison of various versions of TNC controllers. Effective Transmission Speed in AX.