Here is my request if someone can or is willing to do this, I have done some research and read that these files can be converted to DXF, DWG. We have got a problem converting files from our HP ME10 CAD system into DXF format to be read into Autocad R Our ME10 has crashed and burned, so is. Creo Elements/Direct Drafting now owned by PTC, and formerly called ME10 is a CAD software application exclusively for 2D drawings, especially in.

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Getting the files onto our hardware. We have been doing such translations since This acts like an Autocad block. I’m going to drive a stake into the heart of this software the moment the company can get out from under it. That’s fine IF you ocnvert the program running, which we didn’t. Results 1 to 14 of Other customers have special translation options they would like us to implement. Probably should have asked more questions before I hired in here 4 months ago.

ME to DXF Mass Translation Service

Then again, when PTC pulled support that’s probably what prompted ABB we’re owned by to issue the cease-all-activity directive. It’s a problem I’ll have to deal with when the current CAD guy retires in 8 weeks. It’s really a bit odd that I can create a file in Creo, save as a dxf, use the converter separate program within Creo to “save as” a.

We may need to purchase or rent special hardware or software to do this. A batch translator would be great but if a single serving conversion is all that’s possible then the company needs to hear cinvert too.


Japan, and China there aren’t any of the batch converters or companies around to do this.

Occasionally we need to build custom fonts to match those used in the Conveert dwgs. I appreciate your reply even if it merely confirmed the difficulties others have had, thanks ATR. If you are considering doing the translation yourself, you should also consider these points to estimate your own costs.

You have to explode it to get to any individual geometry but all dimensions and features come out as separate entities. If your hardware is old, loading each drawing and saving it as an MI file could take several minutes per drawing. Translation Issues A conveert with several thousand ME drawing files to convert is faced with several hurdles: Backing up the entire drawing database – it is important to preserve the original directory names since mee10 ME drawings refer to subassemblies located in another directory.

ME-10 to DXF Mass Translation Service

Custom Filters and Tools We’ve developed special programs to scan the customer’s database, prior to translation and search for illegal files names – the software renames the files and cnvert a table that shows the old vs.

Artwork’s Mass Translation Tools and Equipment Artwork has developed special tools and techniques to efficiently deal with large numbers of files.

The AutoCAD dwg files are compressed, put onto the customer’s requested media, and cataloged. Thanking you in advance for your time and advice. One of our sister companies in Europe is still using me100 CoCreate version of Me We have also developed special software to read older backup tapes from Pascal workstations including hard disk images.

The number may be higher or lower depending on the items mentioned above. Viewing is not the problem, I can get Creo Elements to open the files but not save to a useful format.


In one respect I would like to have tried the solution you posted just to see what could be done with the thousands of files the company relied upon.

This is what I use to extract dxf files from the Me10 drawings they send. For some very large jobs where we need more than 4 Gbytes of disk storage space we add a small surcharge. Each customer drawing is loaded into the current conert of ME, and exported as an MI file. Of particular importance are text fonts; the fonts used by ME do not match any standard AutoCAD fonts, resulting in missing dimensions, and text that does not fit into the boxes intended for it.

Multiply this by ‘s of files and you can see the man-months add up. Pricing and Delivery Our price per file decreases with the number of files.

importing a mi file | SOLIDWORKS Forums

I have an outside company reviewing the problems but I’m willing to bet that the cost will cause much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the corridors of power. We can also search for illegal part names or rename those. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy.

This too now squarely beyond the limit my knowledge.