Samira KHOULJI: ENSA, UAE OF TETUAN, MOROCCO Prof. SAID BOUTALEB,FS AGADIR, MOROCCO SAID OUANNASSER, In [8], a branch and bound algorithm to find the global solution indefinite quadratic programming is investigated. Un modèle de composant éducatifs pour des cours adaptatifs sur le Web. Palavras-chave: Mer Noire; Circulation verticale; Chimie marine; Optique Ces prélèvements sont en cours d’analyse au laboratoire afin d’évaluer: 1) les stretching from Agadir to Ifni are sometimes overpopulated while schools are rare in .. However implementing these solutions in practice might have significant. looking for solutions of rather local problems, through its proper Laboratoire de Physique et Chimie Physique — Comité d’Application des (6 schools with 4 years cours). About pathologie végétales de l’E.N.S.A.* 3ERGUENT. AGADIR). TARFAYA^. Lagand«. ‘ ^ Centres régionaux de to DRA.

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Deng, Microstrip dualband bandstop filter of defected ground structure and stepped impedance resonators, International Journal of Electronics, Vol. The Oxford Handbook of Banking. Proceedings of the 38th Annual Hawaii International Conference onpp.

This paper also presents some cases study scenarios emphasizing the benefits enabled solutin the proposed framework and a detailed comparison between ZCMGenerator and some existing ZCP Zakat Calculation Platforms platforms.

Approximation algorithms for NP-hard problems.

The results and discussions are presented in section 8 before concluding the paper. Pattern mining for extraction of mentions of adverse drug reactions from user comments. The International Workshop on Future Robotic Computing AndMachine Vision FRCMV 17 While many traditional robots are limited by a predefined set of alternatives for interactions and collaborations, one of the challenging goals in robotics and computer science is that of building future robots and devices in physical or virtual forms that are multi-disciplinary in nature, connected to the world knowledge, and can interact with humans to solve general as rn as domain specific problems.

He has authored more than scientific publications international and enxa papers and conferenceshas supervised more than 10 PhD theses and has successfully designed and developed a dozen European projects in the fields of digital, e-learning, information systems, etc.

Agadi ensure a solutjon portability because they can be deployed in several types of devices including mobile devices.


Effect of giving care on caregivers’ health. Primary caregiver is defined as the individual acting as caregiver of the patient for a minimum of 6 weeks, without receiving financial compensation, with direct emotional involvement and living at home with the patient [1][2]. A combinatorial optimization problem arising in dartboard design.

Editorial Board. Prof. Samira KHOULJI Prof. Mohamed Larbi KERKEB

Informal care supply and demand in Europe. Al Haddad, and Y. Several metaheuristics are designed in principle for continuous optimization problems. A simple genetic algorithm using sequential constructive crossover for the quadratic assignment problem. Alsmadi, A novel root based Arabic stemmer, J. Al Haddad Zayedwas born in Raima, Yemen. The last method affects only the phase of decorrelation.

A parameter-based approach to the linguistic expression of emotion Appraisal Theory is aimed to understand how social relations are negotiated through alignment, as linguistically realized by the axes of engagement, graduation and attitude.

Indeed, it is often necessary to access the contents of digitized documents and to exploit them possibly. They are generally group them into two storage spaces: Digital connectivity to physical objects requires, firstly, the identification of objects, in order to be able to recognize each object in a unique way and to collect the data stored, ensuring security and confidentiality. The couds structure is a minuature low pass filter that exhibits low insertion loss in the passband, simple fabrication, and easy to integrate with microwave planar circuits.

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International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 8 3[1] [2] [3] Not Applicable H2 Headings: In addition, the description of the three approaches of design of the data warehouse.

This workshop gathered people from industry and academia to create cuimie opportunity to discuss how Semantic Computing can be effectively applied for smart interactions between humans and robots for problem solving, where Semantic Computing addresses the derivation, description, generation, integration, and use of the semantics viii.

Extracting keywords from semantic or syntactic web service description to specify the web service context.

In this paper, we propose an automatic discovery framework based on multi-agent systems and natural language processing techniques ciurs match a user request. Fadoua Khanoussi Chairmen In this paper, a close-related emotionally involved caregiver group is examined and compared to a non-caregiver group in order to investigate the role of chronic stress in their psychological and physiological state.


Some of the pilots planned at the very beginning are still underway while new research in Depression, Epilepsy, MS and Alzheimer is under way following similar guidelines. O Reilly Media Inc. Gestion des Risques Financiers.

It is based on applying game thinking and game mechanics or game design techniques to non-game activities in order to engage users, solve problems, and drive behaviour [1]. We decrease the number of coefficients to be calculated, transmitted and decompressed, by adding filters to the upper left chosen square defined by dimension X, according to the importance of each coefficient B i, j.

To know and to care this population of caregivers to avoid the so-called burned caregiver syndrome as well as to reduce the risks of comorbidities associated with the caregiver’s stress by setting up appropriate interventions.

Belangour, A meta-model for automation of the deduction of judgments relating to Zakat, Dec.

Editorial Board. Prof. Samira KHOULJI Prof. Mohamed Larbi KERKEB – PDF

The Effect cimie transitions in caregiving status and intensivity on perceived stress among female caregivers and noncaregivers. Heady, Approximate and exact solution to non-linear programming problem with separable objective function, J.

Updated 3 years 5 months ago. Wang, Nick Gibbins, Terry R. So, changes in specifications may occur very late in the project development cycle. VLSI systems for image compression.

For this purpose, blood, saliva, and hair samples, physiological signals and three validated psychometric tests are collected from both groups. This intense manufacturing activity is essential for the city developmentview its positive economic and social results, but it is also accompanied by some drastic environmental degradation e. It takes place on every learning process, it allows rn to control and monitor their own learning, such as selecting the appropriate strategies, intervening, monitoring the execution and even evaluating its effectiveness.