Buy Create Dangerously (Penguin Modern) by Albert Camus (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Create Dangerously (Penguin Modern) [CAMUS ALBERT] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. BRAND NEW, Exactly same ISBN as listed, . ON a steady diet of Nietzsche and Dostoevsky, Humphrey Bogart might have played him in the film version. Albert Camus, however, was never.

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Ceate is demanding of it. And while for years we have focused on the state and society more generally, and for all our “individualism”, I cannot help but think that we have lost the idea of liberty. We shall inevitably get a propaganda art with its heroes and its villains—an edifying literature, in other words, just as remote as formalistic art is from complex and living reality.

But today, when at last it has to face real dangers, there is a chance that it may again stand up and be respected. In most cases the artist is ashamed of himself and his privileges, if he has any. The answer is easy: No justice can do without intellectual freedom and no freedom can do without social justice, which obviously entails the economic and political. But when even the simplest words and phrases cost their weight in freedom and blood, the artist must learn to handle them with restraint.

We resemble one another in what we see together, in what we suffer together. Under purely imaginary conditions.

Consequently, a fashionable society in which all troubles were money troubles and all worries dabgerously sentimental worries was satisfied for decades with its society novelists and with the most futile art in the world, the one about which Oscar Wildethinking of himself before he knew prison, said that the greatest of all vices was superficiality.


This aesthetic that intended to be realistic therefore becomes a new idealism, just as sterile for the true artist as bourgeois idealism. Must we conclude that this lie is the very essence of art? That questioning of art by the artist has many reasons, and the loftiest need be considered. Be bold in constructing new audiences. Each artist solves this problem according to his lights and abilities.

And it is very hard to make any objections to the art that has known such success in the past. This was the first in this new series that I read and it’s set a pretty disappointing president.

The Myth of Sisyphus: On the other hand, there’s a tendency to be ‘against’ everything for the sake of it: If we believe the declarations of the nineteenth-century naturalists, it is the exact reproduction canus reality. The tome of all three speeches was beautifully, inherently socialist with the Delivered inCamus’ Create Dangerously speech seems just as applicable today as then.

Create Dangerously! | Creative Infrastructure

Ah, the wisdom of crowds, that would give an extra star to Patrick Kavanagh, ahead of this. Artistic isolation is not possible anymore; the maddening crowd is now a reality to be reckoned with: Official values were negated, in France, for example, either by the bearers of revolutionary values, from the Romantics to Rimbaudor by the maintainers of aristocratic values, of whom Vigny and Balzac are good examples.

One knows how France and Algeria were politically, socially and economically at the point of time when Albert was alive. When justice exists, in a still indeterminate future, art will resuscitate.

Create Dangerously

I did, however, find parts of Create Dangerously rather tedious this may have had to do with my flu-induced fatigue, but I am nonetheless always of the opinion that the more succinct a speech the better — and Create Dangerously certainly could have been more succinct. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. He had opinions based on reality as it is and lived according to them instead of preaching despair while cheerfully piling up money and fame like his most honourable colleagues.


Oct 19, Hestia Istiviani rated it it was amazing. I must suspend my criticism here as I have only read parts of his work as it relates to Stoicism, but Peterson is surely in the heat of camsu in his attempt to make order out of chaos. Yes, the rebirth is in the hands of all of us.

Create Dangerously

Only those who keep from describing reality will be praised as realists. In this way a few works charm a few individuals while many coarse inventions corrupt many others.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. One might then understand such men, try to carry on a dialogue with them, attempt to tell them, for instance, that suppressing creative liberty is perhaps not the right way to overcome slavery and that until they can speak for all it is stupid to give up the ability to speak for a few at least.

An Oriental wise man always used to ask the divinity in his prayers to be so kind as to spare him from living in an interesting era. Then, every once in a while, a new world appears, different from the everyday world and yet the same, particular but universal, full of innocent insecurity—called forth for a few hours by the power and longing of genius.

Art lives only on the constraints it imposes on itself; it dies of all others.