Variants. R Crotale. HQ-7 (Chinese Variant). R SICA (Shahine). Crotale NG. Crotale Mk Role and Mobility, Short-Range Air and. Crotale NG (New Generation). It appeared in It is a much redesigned version of the basic Crotale. Missiles have a range of 11 km, maximum speed of. Series Model Variants • Crotale R – Base Variant • Crotale NG – Next Generation upgraded version • Crotale – Modernized Crotale launcher system.

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This vehicle detects targets, tracks them, identifies targets, identifies weather it is friend or foe. Soon after the French air force ordered this system for airfield defense, naming the system Crotale. Tracking range is 17 km.

It can only tell you whether something is flying according to the flight plan. Can’t find what you’re looking for? It can reach targets at an altitude of 5. However the Shahine is based on AMX tank chassis and has improved mobility and much better armor protection. Also missiles are more maneuverable. Top 10 Main Battle Tanks.

Retrieved 27 June Shahine, version developed for Saudi Arabia. A Chinese reverse engineered version of the Crotale. An updated version of the original Crotalr.


Other marks have included the HQ-7 Chinese croale model then copied by the Iranians. It has a range of 16 km and can reach targets at an altitude of 9 km. The radar surveillance vehicle can be connected to several launcher vehicles, in order to achieve an effective air-defence system.

Crotale: How the leader in air defence missile systems keeps its edge

The missile is driven by solid-propellant fuel. Dodgen Admiral Wayne E.

Four NG units can be networked to act in unison, providing a steady shield against incoming air attacks and cruise missiles. Following Finland and France it quickly received a vote of confidence when other countries including Greece, Oman, and South Korea adopted ceotale system. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The French Air Force, Finnish Army and French Navy are just crotalw of the users of this multi-dimensional system which began its design phase in and entered production in TELARs and acquisition and coordination unit are connected with cables.

The Crotale missile defence system can be fitted on a variety of chassis types and launched against targets overland or overwater. The Crotale has been produced in a number of variants.


Crotale (missile)

The system can follow 8 targets simultaneously, and the guidance radar can follow crotlae hovering helicopters as well as fighters exceeding speeds over Mach 2.

The question is even more pertinent today coming just after France and Finland issued a joint declaration calling for a common European strategy on defence cooperation.

Series Production on Crotale Begins It gives the missile a maximum speed of Mach 2. These systems were nf to South Africa between and But with the infrared camera, you can see whether the object is, a dangerous aircraft, or just a toy drone. It takes about 5 minutes to launch missiles from travelling.

Crotale (missile) – Wikipedia

Video of the Crotale short-range air defense missile system Can’t find what you’re looking for? Sometimes it is referred as Sino-Crotale. Four Crotale missile defense systems can be networked to cooperate in unison, providing an effective “Friend-Or-Foe” net mg inbound aerial threats including cruise missiles. It also has an optical aiming system. Missile Defense Policy U.