Guide of Genex Probe forLTE Drive Test Huawei confidential, LTE Drive Test Using GENEX Probe V3 5 Tutorial. Probe The Genex Probe and Genex Assistant for drive tests are part of the Genex series. . LTE Drive Test Using GENEX Probe V Tutorial. Uploaded by. Lte drivetest guideline with genex probe. 1. Consulting| Training| Research LTE DT Theory, Tools and Preparation • Its Time to Work smart not.

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The Test Plan dialog box is displayed. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. To configure the test plan, perform the following steps: After the addition of the log masks, some sub-nodes are displayed under the Custom node, as shown in Figure The Add Control Point dialog box lrobe displayed, as shown in Figure Probbe Setup Status dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure Table Data items in the voice call test Name Description Indicates whether or not to enable this test item after the test. To choose the ranges for the adjustment.

The Choose Projection dialog box is Projection displayed, as shown in Figure Indicates whether or not to measure the SIR.

Table Specified tutodial items in the specified base station measurement Name Description Enable Sets whether this test item is valid or not.

Guide to Perform Initial DT With GENEX Probe – PDF Free Download

Figure Update License dialog box 4 Click Browse… and choose the directory of the update file. You can also set the APN in the test plan. If the PS service test is not necessary, the dialup connection setting is optional.


To load a saved test plan, in Test Plan Control click 2. The cell search result is displayed in the displayed dialog tutoroal. You can customize the name for the log file. The Offset Angle dialog box is displayed. Radio Parameter The Radio Parameter window displays the received signal level and transmitted power level of each cell, as shown in Figure Calibrate the propagation model by using the planning application software.

Figure Model drop-down list 7.

Guide to Perform Initial DT With GENEX Probe

From the Navigator Click the start test icon on the navigator. To undo the current dots To rotate the selected points during static correction IV.

The system searches a device and connects it to the COM port based on the hardware configuration of the project. The system starts to export the data. SITE To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies.

Introduction to GENEX Probe

The Device Config window is displayed. To open the drive test map, click on top toolbar. The Probe merges several log files based on the original binary format. The system gives a prompt, saying “Please install the Teechart plug-in. The cell search is optional. The Other setup page is displayed, as shown in Figure The system loads the template automatically.

Users can get familiar with the system interface after reading this chapter. Only the Qualcomm and can be connected to the serial port. If several device of the same type is available in the Device list, the parameters of the selected device are displayed in the pane, as shown in Figure For details about operations in the Probe Parameter window, refer to part 6.


A prompt will pop up: If the chart view is changed to the list view, all the information and settings in the chart view thtorial lost. If you place the mouse on the Probe status bar, the system shows the name of the open log file. Table Data items in the TopN pilot scan test Name Description Indicates whether or not to enable this test item after the test.

Appendix A Common Parameters describes the common parameters in Probe and some equipment. That is, the Probe applies the parameter color to the legend in the tutodial. For details, refer to section 8. The Receive Window Size refers to the available part of the slider.

Qualcomm to choose the port. Legend Status Bar The legend status bar displays the layer information currently used in the Probe, as shown in Figure The data is exported in the. Chapter 11 File Exporting Function describes how to export the data. Huawei recommends that you select some vital options.

A dialog box is displayed, as shown in Figure