The Kodokan Goshin Jutsu was created in by a Kodokan working group to It is divided into two unarmed sets (toshu no bu) and three sets with weapons The intent in this kata is different than with normal Judo practice, in that this is a. Kodokan Goshin Jutsu Kata No Kata. Closing date for applications: 28th January For any questions, email: [email protected] Los geht’s: Goshin-Jitsu-no-Kata Seminar in Varel mit Claus Hillers hat begonnen. Die Teilnehmer sind aus dem gesamten Bundesgebiet angereist Vielen.

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I need this debate.

CK sensei also wrote, Quote Why did uke even grasp the wrists of tori, why didn’t uke just kick tori in the groin? In goshin you have three of those, do they work? Lets fish together and see what I can learn from you guys.

You need a dose of your own medicine, that is to say, you have set many people strait in this subject, many times.

This does not even come into the equation here. I understand what kata are and the constsnt debate about what makes a kata a kata yet this kodokan goshinjutsu is seen as a non jirsu almost non kodokan is another smoke screen after all it is called the KODOKAN goshinjutsu? This is in part the teacher’s failing. To have ones personal space invaded is something judoka take for granted.

What am I missing here? Believe me no one can say they have learned kime no kata until they have reached the point where their sensei tells them to use live blades. Obviously, I jest, but I do have similar thoughts about teaching Kime-no-kata before Kodokan Goshin-jutsu at times.


Mitsu am not going to be touching an uke who jolds a knife in his Right hand with any action that still leaves Uke the chance to run me though. People do not walk around with katana and wakizashi in “modern times”, i. I have never ever taught the public SD. SD is a massive subject.

The first knife-defence is applied before the attack is launched, at the moment, when Uke draws the knife out of the sheath. I have never taught judo kata as an exercise to enter competition and am not about to start and really didn’t want to even go there. I want to vent off and forgive me if my venting goes OTT. I found this intriguing. Even partly the ju no kata.

Judo is an education. This is a semantic issue. See ju no kata as a classic example of this concept, also kime no kata!

I cannot recall what else I wrote and lost so will close at that. Its not only the body that needs training its the mind and emotions. Kime no kata is about concentration. Kime no kata makes you think inside of the box while goshin makes you think outside of the box. There were at least 25 members on the committee but it varied in size over the three years that it took to complete the task.

Total Crazy Rant about Kodokan Goshin jutsu

What people jifsu not understand, is that interestingly katame-no-kata does just that in addition to other things. Sorry, don’t blame me, I didn’t do it!! The same problem is ubiquitous. SD for a child is called mom and dad or grandparents or another family adult, knowing where and with whom ones child is WHY do we need to practice it? One can dissect every technique in the Kodokan goshinjutsu, but it serves little purpose to do so.


I am travelling and will write more mo. It was the gosihn kata which I hated practicing and thus I did not practice it, unless I had to do my nidan exam and one of my coaching certifications for where it was also on the program.

Total Crazy Rant about Kodokan Goshin jutsu

I also detest kibisu gaeshi but same applies I can see it has its place and can defend it academically. Kata or non kata There is more to judo than what is ‘just’ approved by the Kodokan? Kodokan Goshinjutsu does not establish “new” principles in judo – except for the gun-defences – but offers some alternative defences and variations of attacks.

Anyone have a preferred source for the wooden weapons? I think it best I go do an kataa lot more study and practice then report back here in the next 30 years. Goshinjutsu has distant attacks. Kime no kata is a foundation to learning the fundamental principles of attack-defence, or attack-attack, action-reaction.