Julien Benda’s classic study of s Europe resonates today. The “treason of the intellectuals” is a phrase that evokes much but is inherently ambiguous. In , the French essayist Julien Benda published his famous attack on the intellectual corruption of the age, La Trahison des clercs. I said “famous,” but. key words: Julien Benda, European integration, intellectuals, nation-building, French thinker’s book The Betrayal of the Intellectuals is almost inevitably.

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For example, the author claims that it is not necessarily the goal of a clerc that makes one fail, but rather how this work is used that makes it sufficiently treasonous. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Only an ignoramus who believed that there were important distinctions, qualitative distinctions, between the barbarian and the civilized man could possibly think of objecting.

But such clercs are inevitably rare. Among other things, that exhibition demonstrated the extent to which the apotheosis of popular culture undermines the very possibility of appreciating high art on its own terms. Mar 02, John rated it it was amazing. The observations made in ‘s France echo even to this day. Academics and journalists, pundits, moralists, and pontificators of all varieties are in this sense clercs.

This fraud is the dirty secret that our cultural commissars refuse to acknowledge. The book bearing this title is well known but little understood. Even though the first edition of this book was inwhich can seem ancient, but the main issues that it adresses are still alive today, and are still a problem. Moreover, Benda survived the German occupation of France, —, and the Vichy regime despite being a Jew and having called the Germans “one of the plagues of the world”.


Julien Benda – Wikiquote

Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. Instead he resorts to rants about interested others. Pragmatism exhorts him to do so in the name of his practical attributes. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Julien Benda – – Gallimard. Romain Rolland — the fear that they would fall into national partiality if they admitted that their nation was in the right.

The treason of the intellectuals & “The Undoing of Thought”

The have also created a romanticism of contempt. Quotes [ edit ] Treason of the Intellectuals [ edit ] When Machiavelli advises the Prince to carry out the Machiavellian scheme of action, he invests those actions with no sort of morality or beauty. In closing, bitterly, he concludes: When the distinction between culture and entertainment is obliterated, high art is orphaned, exiled from the only context in which its distinctive meaning can beda itself: Julien Benda’s classic study of s Europe resonates today.

Gwi von Galois rated it it was amazing Jun 09, Mark rated it really liked it Oct 26, It was translated into English in by Richard Aldington ; the U.

This edition is introduced by Roger Kimball.

The Treason of the Intellectuals

This is the undoing of thought. One clear sign of the change was the attack on the Enlightenment ideal of universal humanity and the concomitant glorification of various particularisms.

Retrieved from ” https: It appears that we have reached the level of ultimate intellectual treason.

From the savage flowering of ethnic hatreds in Eastern Europe getrayal the former Soviet Union to the mendacious demands for political correctness and multiculturalism on college campuses across America and Europe, the treason of the intellectuals continues to play out its unedifying drama. Julien Benda 26 December — 7 June was a French philosopher and novelist. Sign in betgayal use this feature.


Julien Benda 26 December — 7 June was a French philosopher and novelist.

The “treason of the intellectuals” is a phrase that evokes much but is inherently ambiguous. In describing this process of leveling, Finkielkraut distinguishes between those who wish to obliterate distinctions in the name of politics and those who do so out of a kind of narcissism. The real damage done by a man like Trump is that he incites all around him to forget entirely that there are such things as ideals.

He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature four times. The author sometimes repeats himself, but this is still a very good and important book.

When hatred of culture becomes itself a part of culture, the life of the mind loses all meaning. Transaction PublishersDec 31, – Philosophy – pages. This is not to say that what is has said is not relevant or important. Here again, the anthropological imperative has played a major role. To ask other readers questions about The Treason of the Intellectualsplease sign up.

But the dispersal of these particular chimeras has provided no inoculation against kindred fabrications: F or confirmation of this, one need only glance at the pronouncements of our critics.