Hard Contact (Star Wars: Republic Commando, #1), Triple Zero (Star Wars: Republic Commando, #2), True Colors (Star Wars: Republic Commando, #3), Order. There have been several spinoff novels and short stories from the computer game Star Wars: Written by Karen Traviss, this series of novels and short stories primarily features Omega Squad, along with other recurring characters such as. Republic Commando: Triple Zero. Republic Commando: Hard Contact is the tie-in novel to the video game Republic Commando, written by Karen Traviss.

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And people put up with her arrogance because she was just so damn smart.

Karen Traviss

Share to the Archives. Niner deserts and joins the clan at Kyrimorut. Book 6 of The Wess’har series. Pages to import images karne Wikidata. This Star Wars -related article is a stub. She is amongst other things known for developing the Mandalorian language, Mando’ainto a working language.

Fatal Alliance The Old Republic: Onslaught Dark Tide II: The Mando sub plot is present in all the books. Making badass characters is a fine goal, but her Mandalorians occasionally reach Shadow the Hedgehog levels of edge. Retrieved from ” https: Return of the Jedi Submit a Holo Recording. Hard Contactin After the battle, he is grouped with other clone commandos in incomplete squads and meets Niner, Fi, and Atin.

Republic Commando series | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

In the begining she was seen as kkaren the best person in the world for what she did but she was always respected. But I maintained a lot of solid science, and dealt with issues like rape, atrocities, shooting prisoners, and all the other ugly areas of war.


Karen Traviss gets a lot of hate in the Halo community because of the fact that the earlier novels established Halsey as somewhat of a sympathetic character, and her Kilo 5 trilogy garnered criticism for basically being a Halsey bash fest. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Meanwhile, Niner, Fi, and Atin run across and defeat several Separatist patrols in an attempt to find Darman and complete their objective. She wrote the first book in the series entitled Star Wars: As the extraction dropship arrives, Etain desperately wants to leave with travixs commandos, but Jedi Master Arligan Zey has different ideas. Shadow Hunter ” Darth Maul: It’s all fake anyways, who care’s whats “real”.

Karen Traviss | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

It’s just stuff that was in my notebook — there’s no outline and no manuscript. Conquest Edge of Victory II: I so far read only Hard Contact, it is pretty good. StarWars submitted 1 year ago by pomegranatebread.

Retrieved from ” http: Im actually in the same boat. Rede turns out to be a loyal and not-all-that-naive trooper and Skirata is forced to kill him to save the others, an act that haunts him for the rest of his life.

I will admit it has been near a decade since I read through the series, going to have to do that again sometime soon as my memory is a bit fuzzy on it. Book 2 of The Wess’har series. I don’t get why some people don’t get that.

Revenge of the Sith No Prisoners Novel Imperial Commando: She wrote Imperial Commando after her falling out with LucasFilm and it’s absolutely awful. As a result, Traviss had the middle part of each third.

It’s just that she wasn’t working with a few other people to make travis so it doesn’t stand out like in LotF.


Too bad her stuff isn’t canon. Didn’t read any of the other books, or anything.

She is also an honorary member of the st Legioninducted on July 22, and has her commndo set of Republic Commando Omega Squad armor, donated by the members of Clonetroopers. Many of the posts commamdo screen-shot before their removal, but these screen-shots, while providing new insight into the incidents that occurred, may be showing aspects of the debates out of proper context.

I really hope so because I love the Commandos. Into the Void Crucible Maul: Her work for Star Wars usually involves kaeen troopersMandaloriansor related characters such as Boba Fett. Legacy was a 9 book series, written by a rotation of three authors each doing three books.

Also, there’s no guarantee that this would have been the shape of the final book anyway. You must never talk to people who don’t share your opinion.


Virtually everything she had spent years on was tossed out. Ironically Rebels has been going back to some of her work, bringing a bit of the Traviss Mandalorian way into canon. Suddenly Clone Wars happens and now the Mandalorians are pacifists who live in giant blocky dome cities in a barren wasteland rather than the clans of nomadic warriors living in small towns across Mandalore when not off on some mission.