LEGO #: The ultimate LEGO Technic building challenge! This cool supercar is full of working features and functions, just like the real thing! Use the built-in. The ultimate LEGO Technic building challenge! This cool supercar is full of working features and functions, just like the real thing! Use the built-in LEGO Power. 65 Items ItemName: Lego Supercar, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: , Buy and sell LEGO parts, Minifigs and sets, both new or used from the world’s largest online.

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Lego Supercar (8070)

This would have been a nice time to start making this part in black, but no such luck. Part of the advanced Technic line of LEGO sets, this classic car has electric components where it counts. Wishing again it could be in some color other than red.

Once you get the hang of actually building with its bricks, you will see just how rewarding it can be. I just love the panels to give it a realistic look. Show More Show Less.

Lego Supercar () | eBay

technuc See all 10 brand new listings. Let’s take a closer look at the functions. The 16 tooth spur gears are the new reinforced variety.

The engine and steering work, as does the spoiler and the mechanisms for the doors and hood. It needed to be accessible to avoid needing a pole reverser. The first image shows the collection of gears. The long axle sticking out the front will go to the V-8 engine from the rear wheels.

I didn’t notice until after my review was posted. The recommended age group is years old, but LEGO fans know there’s no age limit to the enjoyment all ages get from these toys. The next image is a closeup of tehnic completed front of the gearbox.

  LEGO 6262 PDF

As a matter of interest, there are no pictures legi the back of the car on either the box or in any of the marketing materials. Let’s start with some pictures of the box. This set is very good, maybe even the best looking Technic car ever. There 0870 nothing wrong with this model, but these are things I might have done differently or trivial improvements which could be made. The instructions for the alternate model are also 3 volumes but must be downloaded.

I agree with you guys that it would have been nicer with the motor being optional. In short, I really was wanting to see a review, and I didn’t have to wait long.

Posted February 28, edited. Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag. Although the newer set may be less realistic in that regard, it is actually much more complicated. The only good thing about keeping all the latter-day supercars red is it makes it easier to see the design evolution over the past 12 years.

I think it has more in common with the air brake on the Veyron and McLaren than with a real spoiler. I’m actually not a Technic fan, but this set and even more so your review might be very able to change that. The older models took a single input wheels and converted to a single output engine at either 4 or 6 ratios. When looking underneath the hood, you get to see and then customize a V8 engine.

I try to destroy mine as lightly as possible by cutting the rear flap with a razor blade. Thank you LEGO, for listening. If you need a starter kit for your own creations, this kit is the one. The only thing it doesn’t really deliver is an interesting parts pack. We’ve been saying for years that it has been too long since the last Supercar, and we’ve opined at length concerning what we’d like to see in a new one.


Now we’ll look at the parts. OK, let’s see the finished product. Hmm, I don’t now if I’m going to buy this set. The box is of the recent “destroy it to open it” variety. Register a new account. You may also like. There are leo control arms new narrower size4 of the wheel hubs, a differential, two 870 driving rings, 4 stiff shock absorbers, 6 88070 links, 4 CV joints dogbonesand 2 of the new CV sockets the only new parts in the set.

That battery box is an eyesore. The two parallel axles will be driven at the same rate by the motor, and the clutch gears will be used when engaged to drive the four motorized functions.

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Right out of the tehcnic, you get a set of bricks that allow you to take your imagination to truly different places. Starting with the “Test Car”, that changed. I love the technif styling of this model. I don’t consider buying it though, I think it’s too pricy for what you get. Two non-motorized functions engine and steering will also pass through the same area, making this section very dense.

Thanks for taking that picture. Also, Blakbird, I notice that you have the wheels on the traditional way. It did jump out at me with a “whoa, that’s new” and on inspection I did see the Supercar name. Another thanks for a nice review.

As I’ve said before, the styling of this car with it’s enormous hood make it look like leog Dodge Viper to me, though it should be a V then.